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Zendo Sitting

2024 Ango

February 1-29, 2024

2024 Ango Retreat
Shikantaza Background
Zendo Sitting Panorama


Sokukoji is going into retreat!

For the entire month of February, Sokuzan is asking you to join us for 29 days dedicated to his central teaching,

“Train Your Mind”.

We will be holding:

-        50 hours of meditation practice each week;

-        Sokuzan’s weekly dharma talk on Sunday morning;

-        a brief 15-minute Q&A every weeknight at 6:15pm as well as Saturday at 2:15pm.


Please see the weekly schedule below.

There will be no book studies at the monastery during this time and very limited chanting.

Monks in Mahamudra Meditation


You will be able to join us in person or virtually during this month. Sokuzan is encouraging all of his students to try to carve out as much time as you can to practice with us. For those interested in joining in person, we are asking for $50 a day or $750 for the whole month. For those who are able to join us virtually we are asking for a $15 a day donation. Please offer this if you are able to, less if you need to, or more if you can.  You can send checks made out to SokukoJi Buddhist Community (C/O 2024 Ango, 33 Anderson Ct., Battle Creek, MI 49017) or make your payment on Zelle/PayPal (please add "2024 Ango" in memo).


Interviews (Dokuzan) 

Rocks and Shoals Interviews: Sokuzan will be in retreat for this month as well. He will be offering interviews on a very limited basis. We ask that if you hit rocks and shoals in your practice and you cannot continue to practice without an interview, please reach out to Chiezan ( and he will help set up a time for you to talk to Sokuzan.

Zendo Sitting





(all times are US - Eastern Time)

8am - 12pm     Sitting

2pm - 4pm      Sitting     

6pm - 8pm      Sitting  (Sokuzan will do a 15 minute Q&A at 6:15pm)



8am - 12pm     Sitting

2pm - 4pm      Sitting  (Sokuzan will do a 15 minute Q&A at 2:15pm)



8am - 11am     Sitting

11:15am              Sokuzan's Dharma Talk  




Health Safety 

COVID and other illnesses are still a concern during this year's retreat,

so please be considerate in not coming if you have any symptoms of any contagion. 

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