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Staying at the Monastery

Upcoming Retreats and Events

The following retreats take place at the Temple Monastery in Battle Creek.

Please contact us if you wish to attend any retreats or make arrangements for lodging.

2023 Denko-e Sesshin

Sokukoji will be hosting a Denko-e Sesshin October 1-8, 2023, which will replace the Rohatsu Sesshin previously held in December to attempt to avoid illnesses that have afflicted us during December retreats in years past.


Denko-e is Japanese for “Gathering of Light”, which is the traditional name that Sokuzan’s Zen Master, Kobun Chino Otogawa designated for a retreat held in Autumn each year. The retreat will be similar in schedule and format to the 2022 Rohatsu. Each day begins at 5am and ends at 9pm and breakfast, zazen, kinhin (walking meditation), oryoki lunch and dinner, a work period, and a Dharma talk will be included. Online participants may attend oryoki meals on Zoom.

All-Day Retreat

Last Saturday of the Month

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Join us on the last Saturday of each month for our all-day retreat from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Suggested donation for the day is $20 for virtual participation and $40 for in-person participation.  Contact us to join in person at the Temple.

Retreat Schedule

8:00am – 10:50am       Morning Service and Meditation

11:00am                            Sokuzan’s Dharma Talk

12:00pm                           Lunch Break

1:30pm – 4:00pm          Meditation, Maitri Bhavana, Jizo Dharani, and  Dedication of Merit

Pay for your retreat here

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All Day Retreat Schedule

Practice Residency Retreats

Monastery front garden in Winter
Link to Sample Practice residency Schedule

Students wishing to dedicate more time to their practice and engage with sangha may schedule a practice residency. This includes lodging at the monastery and participating in all of the daily forms. These are scheduled based upon the student’s availability as well as monastery lodging availability.

Solitary Retreats

Enso-Enso in Shikantaza

Students may ask or be directed to go into solitary retreat. This is always discussed mutually during an interview with Sokuzan.

Annual Retreats

Sokuzan Photo

Our Annual Retreats are great opportunities to build relationships in Sangha.  Anyone is welcome to participate for any portion of the retreats we offer.  We do encourage full-day participation. All normal programming is suspended with the exception of As It Is Meditation (Weekdays at 6pm) and Dharma talks (Wednesday 8:11pm and Sunday at 11:11am).

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